CASA EVERZ is an exclusive world-wide licensor for shoe insoles with the brands 5 ZONES and REFLEX ZONES. These insoles have been developed based on the philosophy of reflexology. The elevations and subsidences in these insoles have been specifically adapted to the reflex zones below the feet and it is aimed to ensure an increased balance, more energy, a stability of the body and higher comfort during daily life. These insoles are full-day wearable.

The current trend on the shoe market is highly considering a conscious life, energy and wellness. Just by wearing shoes with the shoe insoles 5 ZONES, REFLEX ZONES Diabetes, REFLEX ZONES Energy or REFLEX ZONES Swing, it is intended to provide a feeling of lightness and easiness in daily life.

Our world-wide licensees are equipping their shoe collections with our shoe insole types. With these insoles, they follow the requests of demanding resellers in the medium price segment. These requests are both focusing on shoe models which offer both fashion as well as function, comfort and quality.

Benefit from our experience


With an experience of more than 50 years in the shoe sector, the product manager has been concentrating since the beginning of the nineties on the equipment of shoes with shoe insoles of the brands 5 ZONES and REFLEX ZONES.

Being the developer and licensor of these reflex zone insoles, CASA EVERZ enjoys a high reputation on the world-wide shoe market as our internationally patented products combine the advantages of function, well-being and fashion.

The industrial production of comfort shoes requests a very qualified technical expertise and a long-term experience for many years. The original reflex zones beds are produced in carefully reviewed and selected shoe factories and their production is subject to demanding and clearly specified criteria.

Having the ambitious objective to unite high quality, perfect fitting and fashion, the collections are developed in cooperation with experienced technicians, designers and modellers.


Shoes with the insoles 5 ZONES or REFLEX ZONES Swing, REFLEX ZONES Energy and REFLEX ZONES Diabetes are convincing. Based on the principles of reflexology, the function of these shoes insoles gives each shoe a unique characteristic which clearly contrasts positively to a conventional standard insole production.

In times with an increasing focus on balance, conscious life and well-being, comfortable and trendy shoes are becoming increasingly popular. With function, high quality and a favourable cost/benefit ratio, the demanding customers of retailers as well as end consumers can be convinced.

The buyer decides on shoe model and on the type of shoe insole for it. Irrespective of choosing a trendy or a classic shoe model – all models can be provided with our 5 ZONES and REFLEX ZONES insoles. In this way, all different target audiences can be addressed to and served.


As developer and controller of the shoe manufactories which are producing 5 ZONES and REFLEX ZONES shoes, CASA EVERZ finds a high interest of numerous retailers and end consumers world-wide. The wide range of shoe models at all types, varieties, colours and heel heights is definitely convincing.

Following the request of its licensees, CASA EVERZ presents on its website in the digital showroom a part of their shoe collections which have the insoles of CASA EVERZ. This links the licensees with potential shoe traders who are interested in distributing the shoe collections having our reflex zone insoles.

When selecting a model in this online showroom, the sample order of interested traders can be placed with diverse options for individual orders. That means materials, colours and insoles can be combined as requested and an individual collection for the trader's sales can be selected.


CASA EVERZ GmbH and its licensees guarantee for a secure originality and quality of the shoes which is to the benefit of all parties. It is of highest priority for these parties to ensure a full satisfaction of the retailers and the end consumers.

Each shoe with these reflex zones insoles is packed in a specifically designed shoe carton. Furthermore, all shoe models are protected by internationally registered brand and patent rights.

In addition, each single shoe model is labelled with a security tag which has various features. In order to ensure that this shoe is an original product, this tag includes for example a continuous production number which reveals which licensee has been producing this shoe.


The shoe insoles of CASA EVERZ are based on a thousands-of-years old principle: the reflexology. This principle states that the complete organism can be harmonised via certain reflex zones below the feet with the stimulated respective organs.

Following the medical expertise of the ancient Egyptians, Dr Walter Mauch – scientist and chief physician of the sport sanatorium “Kurotel 2002” – dedicated his research on the principle of the reflexology in order to have a shoe insole produced which is preventative and soothing.

During his professional career, Dr Mauch became acquainted - besides acupressure techniques - with different types of massage (e.g. fascia massage and reflex zones massage). This professional qualification has been very important for the development of the reflex zone bed.

Strictly refusing hard and inelastic footbeds and insoles, he intended to realise a soft massage by the special latex material and to ensure that the insoles are full-day wearable.

His research stated initially in 1977 in Bad Kissingen, Germany. At that time, he had observed the feet of thousands of test persons. With his results, he was in a position to develop an optimum reflex zone bed. The aim was to stimulate certain regions below the feet in order to rise a well-being of the whole body.

In the nineties, CASA EVERZ and its CEO Manfred Everz took over - in cooperation with Dr Mauch - the further development of this patent for industrial production. Afterwards, a new patent and further developments were realised with international patent registrations.

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Manfred Everz

Samantha Armati-Everz
Product Manager & Design