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Because Well-Being Starts with the Feet

Who is not familiar with the feeling of walking barefoot on warm sand, or the vibrancy of the body during a barefoot walk over the forest floor? When mankind still walked barefoot through nature, a natural stimulation of the feet occurred. The fine motor skills were trained through the unevenness of the ground and contributed to healthy overall motor skills.

By wearing shoes with a smooth inner sole, the feet are no longer stimulated and therefore lose their flexibility and adaptability. Even the ancient Egyptians knew, however, that the well-being of the whole body starts with the feet.

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Reflexology is among the oldest concepts in the world and is based on the theory that the human body is reflected in the feet. According to reflexology, each body part is linked to a certain point on the foot. This means that there are connections between the zones on the feet and the organs, muscles, joints, spine and head. Through the targeted massaging of certain points on the feet, one can influence the well-being of the body.

1. Cranial roof
2. Pituitary gland
3. Shoulder girdle
4. Upper lymphatic system
5. Thyroid gland
6. Neck area
7. Lungs
8. Liver
9. Solar plexus
10. Stomach
11. Pancreas
12. Kidney, gall bladder
13. Spleen
14. Colon
15. Small intestine
16. Pelvic floor
17. Gastric area

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Because well-being
starts with the feet


To relieve pressure
and improve circulation


For greater energy
through life


Walk, sprint, jog –
greater balance and stability in sport

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