In these fast-paced times, in which performance pressure and stress are common, the body should be actively taken care of and protected. It has been known for a long time that the foot is a highly sensitive, dynamic reflex and regulation organ that transmits all impulses to the organism. If the feet are overburdened or not supported physiologically, it results in disharmony throughout the body: tension and pain are the consequence. The spine and the gait posture are especially affected. The choice of the right shoes can promote the endogenous immunity, overall balance and the harmonisation of functional processes. With this aim, Casa Everz GmbH sells four main brands that primarily have one thing in common: the gentle reflexology insole made of soft natural material (in this case Latex). The insole allows the foot to sink downwards during exertion and rise again after release, to restore the original state. As the firmness is adapted exactly to the tissue tension of the insole of the foot, a gentle stimulation of the reflexology zones occurs that achieves the effect of walking barefoot.

Based on this knowledge, Casa Everz GmbH produces reflexology insoles that are designed to achieve certain effects on specific points of the insole through massaging elevations, waves or depressions. Depending on the requirements, different insoles are suitable for individuals. While some insoles are more for activating the energy centre or ensuring a correct posture, others have a preventive effect on diseases or concentrate on balance in the body.


“Because Well-Being Starts with the Feet”

The 5 ZONES reflexology insole contains five elevations with which an active pressure point massage effect is achieved. The five points are distributed centrally across the whole insole. When stepping on the insole, the respective 5 elevation points are pressed down and the foot sinks down into the insole, whereby the foot sends signals to the associated organs through the pressure points. Among others, the points establish links to the spine, shoulders, lungs and kidneys. With every footstep, these points – like with a pump – are tensed and then relaxed again. Through this reflexology massage, the inner body remains active with every step. Circulation is regularly stimulated, lymph flow is positively influenced and a holistic well-being occurs.

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“To relieve pressure and improve circulation”

Those at risk for diabetes should prevent worsening, including the diabetic foot syndrome. A suitable insole can help to counteract it preventively. Given that with normal insoles the foot is often not fully supported, the REFLEX ZONES Diabetes insole is structured so that the foot is supported centrally by two big elevations. The insert reduces the pressure in the foot and at the same time stimulates blood circulation during walking. REFLEX ZONES Diabetes insole takes account of the sensitive areas of a diabetic foot in the early stages. It ensures an even pressure distribution and reduces the pressure that would otherwise burden the foot: an active, but straightforward prevention of the consequences of diabetes. With the REFLEX ZONES Diabetes insole, those affected can contribute actively themselves to reducing the symptoms of dangerous type 2 diabetes and promoting their well-being.

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“For greater energy through life”

According to research, the foot is the energy switching hub from yang energy (bladder, gall bladder, stomach) to yin energy (liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney). Dr. med. Walter Mauch – researcher and co-developer of the REFLEX ZONES insoles – confirmed that the energy cycle that guides all vital functions has a significant influence on all vegetative-reflex regulatory circuits and organ systems in the body. The Energy insole was developed so that energy flow in the organism is activated at the same time as the reflexology zones. To regulate and stabilise the relevant body functions, the REFLEX ZONES Energy insole is fitted with various shaped elevations, wave motions and points that have a balancing influence on the switching hubs in the feet and on all disturbances of the organism.

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“Walking, sprinting, jogging
More balance and stability in sport”

The feet act as an elastically absorbing regulation element for upright walking. The insole works mechanically through the lengthways and transverse arch, influencing the spine and the organs. The REFELX ZONES Swing insole therefore focusses especially on a person’s correct body posture, in normal everyday life as well as sport. As a sports sole with suitable depressions, it prevents the body from tipping too far forwards or backwards during movement. An incorrect posture during walking can lead to pain and damage to the whole body – especially the back, pelvis and knees. The REFLEX ZONES Swing insole promotes an upright walking posture, so that the spine, shoulders and neck can relax. The uneven contour of the insole also stimulates the build-up of connective tissue, ligaments and muscle function chain of the slack feet. Blood and lymph circulation are stimulated to release muscle tensions in the foot and back and from the pelvic floor to the neck area.

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