Mules, sandals and platforms with a soft reflexology function

posted on 09.01.2020

Since the hype about cork-latex-footbed since several years, each shoe cabinet offers at least one pair of comfortable mules. The ultimate look for a dynamic lifestyle means: mules, sandals and platforms in pastel shades, classic tones or strikingly bright colors! The lightweight shoes are not only minimalistic and compact, but above all comfortable and suitable for every outfit. Whether with a casual dress or a beach outfit - simply slip into your shoes and enjoy the vibes of summer with light feet.

We add an extra and equip our insoles with a gentle massage to activate the reflex zones of the feet and pamper the feet all day long. With every step you take, your feet move forward even more dynamically. But how is this possible?

Find out now


The hipster trend from Berlin, Los Angeles and Stockholm is: Metallic! Mules in bronze, silver or gold with buckles, studs and eye-catching leather are more popular than ever. Fortunately! Since for a long time the light shoes were considered as boring and old-fashioned. All the better that comfort is now back in fashion. Especially in the big cities people are up to the chill-out look of comfortable mules.


Did you know that platform shoes celebrated their peak in the disco era of the 1970s? This enabled fashion-conscious women to refine their outfits without having to squeeze into uncomfortable high heels or pumps with thin heels. In fact, the platform is still considered the most comfortable heel form among high shoes.
Mules, sandals or loafers in black are perfect for easy summer looks. Whether for weekend shopping or night outs – the classic shoes are the absolute must-have in every shoe cabinet!